About Us

BrunchBrunchBrunch is the best brunch you can't eat! Our brunch themed apparel and accessories are designed by brunch lovers (aka humans) for brunch lovers (aka other humans).

Freshly cooked designs and products are served up all of the time, so keep checking back and sign up to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram @brunchbrunchbrunch to keep in touch.

All of our products are made in and printed in USA



I get the vibe that you're Canadian, but you ship from USA?

Yes!  If you follow us on Instagram, you may quickly notice that we're based in Montreal, Quebec.  We use a print-on-demand service in the USA because it was the best partner we could find in terms of the products we want to offer (with consideration to future ideas) and to keep everything sweatshop-free.


Is EVERYTHING sweat shop free?

Yes! and it is our intention to keep it that way.  Any new products will have to come from a reputable source.  We will also always choose more eco-friendly products.


What currency is your store in?

If you're in Canada, it's in CAD and if you're anywhere else it's in USD.  For the Canadians here, the price is the same dollar amount in both currencies.  $28 in USD = $28 in CAD.



What's your exchange policy?

Alas, this is one kitchen where you can't send things back. We have zero inventory of our shirts, so there's really nowhere to send anything back to. If there's a problem with your order email us and we'll try to sort it out.


So, bud.  What's with the brunch --

--Obsession?  Well if going for brunch every weekend and starting a brunch themed Instagram account and drawing brunch food for fun and opening a brunch design internet store and wearing brunch-themed t-shirts everyday makes us obsessed, well then I guess we're BrunchBrunchBrunch!