It's time for Brunch

BrunchBrunchBrunch was born of an excessive love for brunch.  Brunch is the most important meal of the weekend, whether gathering with friends to start the day, or dragging yourself to your favourite spot for a greasy hangover cure, brunch has a power like no other meal.  The food is truly unique. Some foods transcend meals, like pizza which can be had for lunch, dinner, as a snack, or a cold next-day breakfast. Brunch foods, however, are exclusively for brunch; if at any time of the day you are eating eggs benedict, guess what, you’re eating brunch.

I love brunch, from the classics like french toast, to modern hipster trends like avocado toast, international additions like huevos rancheros, and new vegan takes on what constitutes as sausage.  

BrunchBrunchBrunch is here to outfit brunch lovers with clothing and accessories as fresh as the omelette du jour.

Brunch love,


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